All Natural Clean Fuel Lighter Fluid

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Royal Oak All Natural Lighter Fluid, Non Petroleum Lighter Fluid, 32 oz. Royal Oak All Natural Lighter Fluid is the perfect alternative to those that seek an alternative to petroleum based lighter fluids. Made from an alcohol based natural fluid, this product is ready to fire up your next cookout. Simply pour the fluid over the briquets, allow to soak in and light. Once the briquets are ashed over, you are ready to go!


Royal Oak All Natural Lighter Fluid, Charcoal Lighter Fluid, 32 Oz
Non-petroleum odorless lighter fluid for charcoal outdoor grills
Easy-pour spout for convenient application and less mess
Clean, clear and made to meet all environmental requirements
Fast-lighting premium lighter fluid
For best results, start your fire 15 minutes before cooking
Pair with Royal Oak Charcoal Briquets and Royal Oak Lump Charcoal
*Warning: Do not pour lighter fluid or gasoline on burning wood charcoal

How to Fire up for a great Barbeque:
1. Arrange briquets in a pyramid in the center of the grill
2. After shaking bottle open cap by prying where indicated
3. Apply clean fuel fluid evenly over charcoal, use 1.2 fluid ounces per pound of charcoal
4. Immediately close cap by pressing firmly until it snaps and locks
5. Light the charcoal immediately with a long stem match or long neck lighter. In approximately 10-15 minutes or when briquets are predominately ashed over, spread briquets evenly
6. Wait 5 minutes and begin cooking

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