Western Cherry Smoking Chips

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Enjoy the Distinct Cherry Smoke Flavor from Western Premium BBQ Products

Take your cookout to the next level with Western Premium BBQ Products Cherry BBQ Smoking Chips. They are made from real heat-treated cherry wood to deliver a robust flavor to every meal. Cherry smoke can give your smoked meats a bold new layer of flavor. Smoking chips are a great way to add depth to the taste of your next barbequed meal. And kudos to you, fellow grill master. You know it takes more than just lighting up a charcoal grill and turning the meat. You got this far by adding some wood smoking chips to your grill to infuse your meats with a cherry flavor. Now, let us take it a little further to help you up your grilling game even more.

Western Premium BBQ Products Cherry BBQ Smoking Chips are easy to use and they work on gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric smokers. The next time you're thinking of making smoked meat for the family, add some Western Premium BBQ Products Cherry BBQ Smoking Chips to the grilling process. Be the cookout hero your friends and family deserve!

180 Cu. inches

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